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New repair method of heavy machinery and equipment foundation, exemplified by the GMVH-12 motor compressor.
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New repair method of heavy machinery and equipment foundation, exemplified by the GMVH-12 motor compressor

Heavy machinery and industrial equipment - being a source of mechanical and acoustic vibration - are usually founded on a reinforced concrete block, which has a proportionally heavy weight, is embedded in the ground and juts out relatively high above the ground level (fig. 1).

If a machine or device generates great dynamic forces, such foundation usually causes various technical and operational difficulties to their users.

In search for better and cheaper solutions for heavy machinery and device foundation, epoxies became a focus of attention.

Besides shipbuilding industry, the newly developed EPY component for chocks has been recently applied more and more often in repairs of damaged foundations and setting various heavy machinery and land-based equipment on foundation, especially in places where traditional foundation upon reinforced concrete blocks with the use of metal washers fail to perform the function. Exceptionally good results can be obtained by using a special metal foundation frame attached to a reinforced concrete block with the EPY component.

Description of the object and ensuing damage

The GMVH-12 motor compressors produced by Creusot-Loire (France) are block gas engine (with rated power of 2026 kW) and piston compressor units. The unit weighs approximately 85 000 kg. Such units (5 motor compressors) have been founded upon monolithic reinforced concrete blocks (fig. 1) according to the design and guidelines outlined by the supplier of these devices.

Fig. 2 Foundation of a motor compressor before repairs a) view b) drawing

During many years of operation, according to the information obtained from the users of these devices ("KRIO" Gas Denitrification Plant in Odolanów), the following problems were reported and continually worsened:
cracking of the upper section of the reinforced concrete foundation block,
breaking of holding down bolts embedded in the reinforced concrete block,
increase in amplitude of mechanical vibration and noise level,
increased difficulty in maintaining diameter clearances in the assembly of crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods,
cracking of blocks and cylinder heads as well as antifluctuation bottles,
high failure frequency of the machines.

It has been established beyond all doubt that the main reason for ensuing problems was inappropriate foundation of the units (motor compressors) on metal washers.

Method of repairing foundation and setting motor compressor on foundation

Zakład Konstrukcji i Ekspertyz "Techmarin" Sp. z o.o. embarked upon a very difficult and responsible task of repairing motor compressor foundation block and foundation.

Based on experience an original method of repair of motor compressor foundation block [4] and foundation [5, 6] was designed.

Fig. 3 Foundation of motor compressor after repairs a) view b) drawing

Gradually in the KRIO plant foundation repairs and changes of the foundation of all the 5 GMVH-12 motor compressors have been performed. As a result of the changed method of foundation, for which a metal foundation frame was used - designed and constructed by Techmarin Sp. z o.o. under the supervision of the Polish Shipping Register [Polski Rejestr Statków] [4] (patent notification no. P 308873 ZPII) - and foundation chocks of the EPY component made by MSJ, there was a distinctive decrease in the vibration level in the whole range of influences harmful to the operators i.e. in the frequency range between 1 and 500 Hz. The measurements conducted by the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Office in Kalisz confirmed [7] that a lower amplitude of vibration of motor compressor no. 1 in the range of 2, 4, 8, 32, 63, 125, 250, 500 Hz was correspondingly: 266, 4200, 3667, 2010, 2568, 1462, 1500, 1381% for one direction. Similar outcome was reported in the other motor compressors.


The change in machine foundation consisting in the application of a metal foundation frame embedded on a reinforced concrete block and the use of the EPY component as well as chocking with the use of this type of material have brought about expected, positive results [7]. Two years have passed since the repairs of the first of 5 units were completed, which amounts to 20.000 hours of operation. All units (5 pcs.) have been stable and work with much reduced level of noise. Until now no signs of foundation deterioration have been observed.

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