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Specialized steel frames, supports and handles for pipes and pipelines, slide plate packets...
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Setting heavy machines and equipment on foundations, supporting low-pressure unit turbines with blocks slide plate packets...
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New repair method of heavy machinery and equipment foundation, exemplified by the GMVH-12 motor compressor.
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Application of our own and modified shipbuilding technologies in the polish gas industry.
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Our studies are based on background checks performed to identify issues causing most serious operational problems.
We specialise in the provision of maintenance services and maintain a fleet of vehicles sufficient to bring equipment to customer site.
We provide overhaul and modernization services in operating plants, often in gas hazard areas.
Changes in the human working environment and in equipment operating regimes before and after our modernizations have been studied and verified by:
Polish Shipping Register in Świnoujście
Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Office in Kalisz
Military Technical Academy in Warsaw
Inspectorate of the Naval Academy in Gdynia
State Labour Inspection Centre in Warsaw
Technical University in Szczecin, Department of Machine Building
Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań, Department of Chemistry.
We provide manufacturing, maintenance and trading services in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.
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